I first picked up a camera at age sixteen. Desperate to explore the world at a young age, I left home immediately after graduating high school. During my early years, I dropped out of art school multiple times, traveled as often as possible, and fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle. 

behind the lens ...

Overwhelmed by the flow of close relationships that came in and out of my life, photography became a method of collecting people and experiences. i have spent much of my young adult life moving, living and photographing in California, New Orleans, Baltimore, Vermont, Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris. 

Eventually in 2015, I graduated with an MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I served as a professor for several years before returning home to San Diego, CA. 

My clients reach out to me because they want to be seen.
They’re not afraid of being vulnerable.

They trust themselves in front of my camera and trust me behind it, and together we create timeless, honest photographs.

some of my favorite things



I love putting a record on first thing in the morning.


I’m in constant pursuit of the perfect single-origin pour over.

ii . . . COFFEE

I love packing up my camera bag and heading out to explore the world as often as possible.

iii . . . ADVENTURE

The butter to my bread. I squeeze them onto literally everything.

iv . . . LEMONS

hosting a cocktail party is one of my favorite ways to bring friends together